Our Customers Include:


Our Customers Include:




Since we launched our site in 2005, we have been amazed at the variety of customers who use our products, and for the purposes they describe. Here are just some of our coveted friends: 

Those who choose not to drink alcoholic products for religious reasons. (Seventh-day Adventists, Mormons, and Muslims come to mind)

Those who are temporarily off the alcohol. (Pregnant moms, for instance)

Those who are on permanent doctor orders to stay away from alcohol. (A family who replaced pinot noir and cabernet sauvignon with the same product in juice form comes to mind.)

Families looking for a sparkling alternative to sodas for underage celebrants. (Birthdays, graduations, and similar events are often cited)

Directors of plays and dinner theater productions (including in high schools and community venues)

who have a scene requiring a “popping of the champagne cork” but cannot use fermented products. (We love being part of the drama!)

A brewer who creates craft beers using our verjus products. (Who would have thought our non-alcoholic products would be used for those who love beer!)

Those who like to make their wine. (Whatever!)

Corporations doing special events. (We remember one well-known cereal maker that did a non-alc “wine” test in the company cafeteria on a Friday before a holiday. Another big-name corporation did fancy packaging of one of our sparkling juices when they launched a new product. Hollywood even called us for cases and cases of a cider that was part of a launch event. It’s truly amazing.)

Party hosts are in a panic. (I remember the man who just days before his holiday party discovered he had some non-drinkers on the guest list. A quick airfreight shipment and everyone had pinot noir rather than “the odd couple drinking water.”)

A bed-and-breakfast wanting a special welcome gift to be left in the rooms for arriving guests. (Now that’s First Class!)

Gift givers want something they can’t find in a local store. (Weddings, house-warmings, birthdays, Valentines, hostess gifts, and the list never ends.)

The curious non-drinkers thought chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, merlot, and million were the names of wine. (No, they are just the name of a grape. And you would enjoy hearing some of the pronunciations we hear from people learning about varietal grapes!)

Individuals touched with cancer or trying to avoid same. (Muscadine juice has been identified as one of the major cancer-fighting foods because it is so high in resveratrol. Dr. Oz, the scientific community, and ABC Television have been very vocal about the benefits of muscadine. We sell the juice because it tastes great — not because we are marketing an over-priced health supplement. Because our family has been touched by cancer, any food that science claims will push it back is a personal blessing.)

What are you using your juice or verjus for?

We would love to know your story. Just drop us a note at info@SweetwaterCellars.com.


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