Our Shipping Method:
We ship UPS Ground to provide the lowest possible shipping cost. If you need expedited UPS services such as three-day, two-day, or overnight, please contact us for a quote. (USPS Priority Mail is also an expedited air service with more expensive rates than UPS Ground.) Remember, due to the weight of our products, these air rates will be significantly higher.

Shipping Tip:
To get the most for your shipping dollar, order the maximum number of bottles in each dollar category shown below. For instance, why spend $15 for shipping 1 bottle when you can receive 3 bottles for the same UPS cost!

USA Shipping Rates:
Our shipping rates are based on the number of bottles ordered and do not include a “profit” mark-up:

     1 to 3 bottles = $15
     4 to 6 bottles = $25
     7 or 8 bottles = $34
     9 to 12 bottles = $44
     13 to 15 bottles = $59
     16 to 18 bottles = $69
     19 to 20 bottles = $78
     21 to 24 bottles = $88
     25 to 29 bottles = $93
     30 to 35 bottles = $98
     36 to 40 bottles = $103
     41 to 47 bottles = $108
     48 to 53 bottles = $113
     54 to 59 bottles = $118
     60 or more bottles = please contact us for wholesale information

Processing Your Order:
Most orders ship within two business days and arrive within 10 calendar days, depending on distance. You will receive an automated e-mail containing the tracking number when your order has shipped.

Extreme Weather:
We may delay your order when extreme hot or cold weather conditions exist at our shipping location or at your receiving address. Corks popping and frozen bottles bursting are not in anyone’s best interest! Because cannot predict the path your shipment will travel or the weather it will encounter along the way, we will not be responsible for weather-related damage including cost of product and/or cost of shipping. The same is true for the carriers who transport our products.

Product Availability:
Products are generally kept in-stock and available for immediate shipment. If your order contains an item that is out of stock, your entire order will be held until the out-of-stock item is back in stock. You will be notified via email of any delays and given a best estimate on when the item will be available for shipment.

We observe the following holidays and orders will not be shipped out on these days:
New Year’s Eve  ~  New Year’s Day  ~  Independence Day  ~  Memorial Day  ~  Labor Day  ~  Thanksgiving Day  ~  Friday after Thanksgiving  ~  Christmas Eve  ~  Christmas Day

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