Wholesale Orders

Wholesale Orders

Wholesale orders are welcome on our 750ml size bottles! They provide our products at the greatest savings to you.

Minimum Order:
The minimum order is 5 cases (60 of the 750ml bottles) to a USA address or 3 cases to a Canadian address.

A 10% discount on the cost of the juice will be applied before your credit card is charged.

Freight Charges:
If you order 60 or more 750ml bottles through the normal check-out process, you will not see a charge for shipping. We will manually calculate the shipping cost per your requested method of shipment and add it to your invoice. If you have an existing account with one of the freight carriers, we are happy to ship using your account number.

Final Invoice:
Your shipment will include a corrected invoice/receipt showing the quantity discount and the freight charges.

Personal Size Mini-bottles:
Wholesale pricing and discounted shipping are not available on the smaller bottles that come 24-to-a-case.

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