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In Our Customers’ Own Words

“Arrived today in perfect condition, great service and response time. Thanks again.” Roy

“It’s Sunday morning after the event. The ‘Juices’ were a great success. It’s a good thing I ordered more than I needed. Many of the drinkers were not drinking because of Lent. Thanks for all the trouble you went to.” Ed

“We’re planning to have a “tasting” table featuring the grape juices we received from you along with some others. What a great business for you to have! I’ve seen several articles about the increasing market for non-alcoholic grape juices, so I hope you are doing very well. We’ll be telling our friends about you.” Jean

“Thank you for all your help! It is really hard to choose because you have so much to offer online. Do you have a store that I could shop in?” Kellean

“Thank you! I really appreciate the discount. I received the final $ numbers from our caterer and florist right before your email so… So once again YOU were the biggest blessing of them all!! Linda

“I purchased case of your ciders and had them sent to me, all the selections were very good.” Austin

“I must say I am very impressed by the breadth of your product offering.” David

“Fantastic service and turn around. You guys are the best.” Roy

“Hello! We are really enjoying our orders!” Lisa

“I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you that the surprise party for my husband was a huge success. I tied small bags of personalized M & M’s to the cider bottles and they looked great. Everyone was very impressed. I would recommend your company to anyone who may want to do something similar. Thanks again for your help.” Alice

“Hello, and thank you for the prompt delivery. We want to keep carrying your products, and we are interested in getting some recommendations from you for our next order.” Marco and Pepe

“I had a look at your homepage and I am very impressed about the interesting choice of different juices.” Hildegard

“BTW- love the site, it’s exactly what I’ve been searching for..” Nathan

“Thanks for providing these excellent products.” Andrew

“I am so happy to have found your business. I look forward to the product and sharing with others this great idea of your company.” Janet

“Thanks for responding so quickly to me on Wednesday. We recently found your site and love what you’re doing. I’m looking forward to placing an order soon!” Scott

“I have been looking for a site like this or someone who carries different grape varietals in juice, not wine. You are an answer to my prayers! Thank you!” Cosette

“Love your store love your products.” James

“Wow can’t wait to get this.” Kathryn

“I just found your site (great site, great products by the way!) and am interested in buying a case . . .” Holly

“wow, you guys are fast [getting orders on their way]! Thanks again!” Jennifer

“Thanks for offering such a unique service and wide set of products all in one place. The variety and quality of the juices are outstanding.” Vin

“First let me tell you that I was surprised but delighted to find your website. I saw a television program about a winery bottling grape juice (still grape juice — who knew?) and I have been on the search every since. I cannot wait to start sampling some of the products that you offer.” Ken

“My wife Annette and I enjoyed the order that you sent a few weeks ago, along with the very sweet and thoughtful “happy wedding anniversary” message you sent. You were so kind, and it’s so great that we found you! 🙂 The grape juice and the cider were heavenly!!!” Jim

“Glad I found your site.” John

“Used to belong to several wine clubs and now do not drink anymore so it was a joy to find that I can now enjoy the festivities and be my own designated driver!” Lisa

“Your organic juice of Cabernet de Bordeaux is absolutely heavenly. I’ve never had it so good!” Rita

“I really love your website and will continue to order your products and, of course, spread the word about your terrific website!!!! Janice

“Hi – Love your business.” Bill

“My shipment of Kangaroo Paw Sparkling Apple Juice arrived today and I wanted to thank you for seeing to my order with such care. … At many dinner parties and special events, guests were floored that sparkling ciders did not have to be sickly sweet (my issue with Brand X), but could be as dry and complex as the finest wines. … Thanks again for my order, and I look forward to placing another order again soon!” Steve

“Love your products and your customer service, by the way.” Janet

“thanks for carrying these hard to find items.” Tammi

“Thanks for compiling all of these wonderful non-alcoholic beverages!” Kimberley

“Jay — that is EXTREMELY generous of you! I had also ordered product through XXXXXXX at a slightly lower cost, but due to your exceptional service, I will order strictly through you, and encourage my family to try some as well! Thank you and God Bless — I’ll be ordering within the next few weeks.” Donna

“Your shipment was delivered as expected. GOOD JOB!! Many thanks.” Joanne

“Thank you for offering vineyard quality grape juices!” Tamah

“Thanks for the help! I’m looking forward to the juices!” Michael

“thanks! 🙂 had some of your amazing products at a New Years eve party – love it and excited to share with other pregnant ladies!” Kirsten

“I always use you guys for any special occasion when a little non-alcoholic bubbly is needed!!!” Nimra

“I just want to thank you for shipping my order so quickly. The juice is delicious and we will definitely be a return customer.” Carol

“I have been looking forr unfermented Scuppernong juice. I needed it for making no sugar Scuppernong jam . . . My lucky day! Thank you.” William

“Just wanted to send a thank you for a couple of things. #1 – thank you for stocking such a wide range of products, it absolutely wonderful knowing you are there to fill a demand. #2 – Living in Hawaii, I am aware that postage is … expensive to get things out here. I saw that the cost of shipping was higher on the delivered boxes than what I paid you to ship it. Usually, that creates something of a fuss, so I was surprised to see that the boxes were shipped with nary a complaint. Truth be told, I would have paid the difference. However, it was a nice surprise to see someone just pass it along with no comment.” Eric

“We were so pleased with our previous order that we decided to order for our 2014 celebration. Happy Holidays.” Wendy

“We can confirm that have received this order [in Australia]. Thank you for your help, very much satisfied with your overall service.” Francisco

“I’m going to order some and try a few white wines as well. Thank you for such wonderful customer service!!” Sue

” I have to say I was thrilled when a friend shared information about your site as I had been looking for a source of red grape non-alcohol grape juices that do not utilize high fructose corn syrup. Thank you too for your great service! I had not expected this would be here by Thanksgiving so that is an added special and certainly leads me to know why I picked you for service. I’m sure I’ll be back for more at a later date as well.” William

“PS: we are not ordering the non-alcoholic products because of religious reasons, Some of our family have had alcoholic abuse issues and I want to offer alternatives! Thanks.” Suzanne

“Just received a shipment of your great juices and once again I am extremely pleased with your service.” Doug

“I’m amazed at how quick you are! I’ve already gotten a message from my ups account letting me know the delivery is tomorrow! AWESOME!! Can’t wait to taste. If it’s as good as the fruit, I will mention you on my FB page. Thanks again!!” Paula

“Glad we found you – appreciate the good service & quality packing you do. Mitch

“Thanks so much for correcting the zip code. Great CS… I’ll be re-ordering.” Michael

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