Elvira Grape Juice

Elvira Grape Juice


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Elvira is a white-fruited variety, having medium sized berries. It is vigorous and hardy, making it ideal for planting in northern climates. The fruit provies a crisp taste. This vine has good ornamental value with bold summer foliage, some fall color, showy fruit, and shaggy branching. Elvira grape plants can be quite attractive all year round since they drape elegantly over fences or through lattices. Elvira has Vitis labrusca and Vitis riparia parentage. It ripens at the same time as Concord.

The Royal Kedem Winery, located in New York’s Hudson River Valley, dominates the kosher sparkling juice market. Its gourmet juices include single varietals like Merlot, Catawba and Concord as well as blends. Perhaps its most exotic blend to date is its understated “White” sparkling grape juice, a delightful blend of Chenin Blanc, Thompson, Elvira, Catawba, and Niagara grapes.


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