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Verjus (a French word pronounced vair-ZHOO). Also known as “verjuice” or “ver jus.” Red or white unripe (thus tart) grapes are pressed into juice and bottled without fermentation.

Verjus is often used as a mixer though some love it chilled, straight from the bottle.

Verjus as a cooking ingredient is actually an old tradition going back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Use white Verjus as you would use white wine vinegar or lemon juice. It is often mentioned with with chicken or fish recipes. Red Verjus can be substituted for red wine vinegar or used for marinating. It is particularly good in sauces for meat or spicy foods. (For simplicity purposes, we have identified our Verjus products by their pouring color — not by typical red or white descriptions associated with various grape varietals.)

Many recipes also utilize Verjus in salad dressings


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